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Q Merchant Service Accounts

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We guarantee to meet or beat what you are currently paying for your merchant services.

One of the most common merchant complaints we encounter is the cost of processing credit card payments and the lack of support once the contract is signed.

We have your answer:
Whether your contract is nearing the renewal point or not, or even if you have chosen not to accept credit cards due to the cost, you need to spend a few minutes with a Q-branch banker. We can give you new information that may save you money and provide better service.

Did you know?

  • You do not have to change banks to use our merchant account.
  • Rates for various cards do vary.
  • Equipment needs are different. One size doesn't fit all. Your volume should be reviewed regularly.
  • Your contract needs to be reviewed so you dont miss the potential automatic renewal.

Why Our Customers Choose Q Merchant Service Accounts:

"My business is small but I still saved over $30 a month when I switched to Queensborough. That's $360 a year for doing nothing different!"

"As it turns out, I was being charged for equipment I did not need, but with an out of town provider, I could not get any assistance. Queensborough did a quick free analysis and now I have a better system, less cost and a local person to talk to."

"We didn't accept cards. The way we are set up with Queensborough, I believe the increase in ticket totals more than offsets the cost of processing. We should have done this sooner. "