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Phone: (478) 625-2000 Fax: (478) 625-2010


Dear Customer:


We would like to remind you of the Overdraft Privilege Program with our Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy. This means that, should you inadvertently overdraw your account we have the discretion to cover your overdraft up to the amount of your privilege limit. Please remember that an insufficient funds fee of $30 will be charged for each item presented against insufficient funds and that those fees will reduce the amount of Overdraft Privilege that is available to you. This is the same fee that Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company charges for each item drawn against insufficient funds and returned to the payee. It is possible that your account can become overdrawn in excess of your Overdraft Privilege limit. 


To remind you of our program rules:

  • Your next deposit will be used to repay the amount of the overdraft and any overdraft fees. You must bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days or the Overdraft Privilege will be removed from your account.
  • Transactions that may result in an overdraft and subsequent fee automatically include checks, ACH debits, in-person withdrawals and other electronic transactions. Overdrafts for everyday debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals will be covered only with your consent. You may give consent by visiting our website at http://www.qnbtrust.com, calling our ATM/Debit Card Department at (478) 625-2000, or simply stopping by one of our convenient branch locations.
  • Balances at an ATM or other point of inquiry will not include the Overdraft Privilege limit; however, items may be paid that exceed the balance shown.

Please remember that this notice does not constitute a written agreement of an obligation or a prearranged agreement for Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company to pay your overdraft, and we may withdraw this privilege at any time. The Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit. Payment of an overdraft does not obligate us or create an agreement or course of dealing on our part to allow overdrafts and payment of any overdraft will continue to be at the discretion of Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company.


If you have any questions regarding this or wish to opt out of this service for future transactions, please contact our Overdraft Privilege Administrator at (478) 625-2000.

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