Overdraft CounselingTools

Queensborough cares about your financial health and wants to help you monitor your expenses and manage your money. Below are tools that can help you better understand how to budget your finances while avoiding overdraft fees. If you have any questions about the information offered here, please contact your local branch to set up a time to talk to a Q banker in your area.


Federal Reserve Bank Brochure

The Federal Reserve Bank Brochure provides information to help you protect yourself from overdraft and bounced-check fees.

Personal Budget Planner

Use this planner to plan your budget for the upcoming month. This tool will help you to monitor your expenses and manage your money.

12 Quick and Easy Steps to Creating Your Budget

Use this tool as a guide to help you fill out the Personal Budget Planner.

Effective Strategies for Saving

This tool offers recommendations that are designed to help you establish and grow your personal savings.

Eight Simple Steps for Balancing your Checkbook

Need help balancing your checkbook? This brochure is the perfect tool for walking you through the process. Follow these 8 simple steps to balance your checkbook on a regular basis.

Money Management References

These helpful books and web sites can further help you with effective money management.