Cash Management

Queensborough offers a range of Cash Management services to meet the needs of our small business clients as well as our most complex commercial business clients.

We are dedicated to meeting the financial needs of our customers as well as providing the technology to compete in today's fast-changing economic market. If you have a need for a service that is not listed, please let your Q banker know. Queensborough works with an experienced team of vendors to provide valuable services to our clients to save them time and money so our clients can focus on what they do best-their business.

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Q Business Online Banking

Q Business Online Banking is a secure application with enhanced security features to protect your accounts from unauthorized access. In addition to log-on credentials, we require the use of a token. Business Online Banking provides clients a comprehensive tool with the ability to: establish individual employee access to manage account balances, pay bills, originate ACH transactions - which include Direct Deposit, Account Receivable, and Accounts Payable - submit wire transfer requests, submit stop payments, complete account reconciliations, and create and view monthly reports to assist in financial management. End-users can customize the landing page for tasks that are performed frequently.

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Q offers a full suite of administrative functions that allow your company to establish users within your company with specific user profiles. For example, you can assign functions that relate directly to your employee's role within the company, establish dual control, modify users, and manage all business banking activities assigned to your staff.

Accounts Activities & Reporting

Q Business Online Banking provides summary information at a glance, as well as drill-down functionality into additional details for a specific account. Customers have access to online statements, including deposit tickets and individual check images. In addition customized reports can be created for your end-users.

Account Transfers

Funds can be moved between accounts within Queensborough. Transfers can be scheduled for the current day, a date in the future or on a recurring basis. Transfers can be established to maintain specific balances in accounts.

ACH Origination

Allows you to create ACH files and submit them to Queensborough. Our Cash Management specialist can provide more information on the functionality of this product. Please speak to your Q banker regarding ACH Origination approval.

Import to Quicken and QuickBooks

Account reconciliation is made easy by downloading account information to Quicken or QuickBooks.

Bill Pay

The Bill Pay service allows you to pay bills online; add, edit or delete a payee, and check to see if a payment has cleared.

Stop Payment

Place a stop payment on an individual check or a range of checks.

Wire Transfer Services

Wires can be processed from your computer without leaving the office, which saves you time. Establish a wire template for easy access to wires that are sent frequently.

Credit and Debit Card Merchant Services

Queensborough partners with a merchant services company to provide our clients with credit card processing for all major credit cards.
Debit card processing is available including PIN-based debit cards.
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Remote Deposit

Make deposits without leaving your office. We provide you with the equipment to allow you to make deposits from your desk.

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