Remote Deposit

The VIRTUAL TELLER in your office.

What is the biggest time killer in your office? Could it be trips to the bank, waiting in line or even deposits made after hours?

Q's Remote Deposit equipment only requires nine inches of counter space and allows you to electronically deposit checks from your office anytime you choose.

How easy is it? (3 simple steps)

  1. Scan checks in - we provide the scanner
  2. View the checks on your computer - checks are read and totaled automatically (no slip to fill out)
  3. Click and you are done. Your deposit is sent through a Secure Internet Connection.

  • Fewer trips to the bank
  • No lines
  • Deposit safely after hours
  • Employees dont have to go to the bank
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • No courier expense
  • Reduces fraud exposure
  • Quicker access to funds deposited
  • Simplified accounting and reconciliation
  • Detailed deposit reports
  • Archive images
  • Export deposit information
  • Create custom reports