Lost or Stolen Card?

If your debit card has been stolen or lost, please call
(800) 236-2442.

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Quick Setup

Android Pay is easy to use, and almost just as easy to set up. To set up Android Pay on your smartphone, follow two simple steps:

1. Download the Android Pay app.

2. Follow the instructions on the app to add your Q debit card to your new digital wallet. You can simply snap a photo of your card instead of entering information manually.

Upon verification, you will receive a letter in the mail from Queensborough as an official statement your debit card is ready to be used digitally.

Extreme Convenience

Once you have your Android Pay app set up, the rest is a piece of cake: hold your phone near the checkout reader and approve your transaction.

Simply SHOW AND GO at over a million locations across the country. With Q + Android Pay, you no longer need to reach for your wallet. Just reach for your phone.

Comforting Security

Android Pay does not use your actual Q debit card number to complete transactions. During set up, a virtual account number is created. All your Q debit card information and details are stored privately.

While the electronic card is safe in your digital wallet, you should contact us at (800) 236-2442 if your physical debit card is ever lost or stolen.